August 7-8, IEEE NAS, Shenzhen, China


August 6, Visit China oil, Chendu, China


July 12-14, Semantic in research infrastructure, Lecce, Italy

June 30, Guest lecture, University of Luxembourg

June 28-29, VRE4EIC project review, Luxembourg

June 19-21, CompSys conference, Vught, Netherlands

June 4-9, SWITCH project meeting, Cardiff, UK

May 14-19, ENVRIPLUS midterm review and site visit, Grenoble, France

April 6-7, ENVRIPLUS theme2 technical workshop, Brest, France

March 21, SWITCH 2nd review meeting, Brussels, Belgium

March 6-8, ENVRIPLUS theme2 technical workshop, Vienna, Austria

March 5-6, VRE4EIC meeting, Rome, Italy

January 25, EUDAT user forum, Helsinki, Finland

January 19, EC proposer day, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

January 11-13, VRE4EIC project meeting, Nice, France

2016 December 22, QCAPI (SWITCH/ENVRIPLUS/VRE4EIC)-EGI networking

2016 December 12-15, SWITCH project meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016 November 29, 2nd IT4RIs in IEEE RTSS 2016, Porto, Portugal

2016 November 15-20, Supercomputing, Salt Lake City, US

2016 November 14-18, H2020 ENVRIPLUS project meeting, Prague, Czech 

2016 November 9, CLASS conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2016 September 28-29, Digital infrastructure, Krakow, Poland

2016 September 26, EU ICT event Bratislava, Slovakia


2016 September 8-9, H2020 VRE4EIC project meeting, Heraklion, Greece

2016 June 27-July 2, IEEE Cloud/Service/BigData, San Francisco, USA

2016 June 14-16, VRE4EIC project meeting, Delft, the Netherlands

2016 June 13, AppHub workshop, Berlin, Germany

2016 June 6-9, SWITCH project meeting, Bucharest, Romina

2016 May 9-13, ENVRIPLUS, ENVRI-WEEK, Zandvoort, the Netherlands

2016 April 18, European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU) Vienna, Austria

2016 March 23, Cloud Computing Projects and Initiatives (CCPI) in IEEE AINA 2016, Switzerland 

2016 March 3, ANAEE Int'l Conf. invited talk

2016 March 2, SWITCH 1st review,Brussels

2016 February 15-17, VRE4EIC, Pisa


2016 January 11-16, Visit China

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan

National University of Defense Technology, Changsha

Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou

National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai

Shanghai Agriculture Information Co. Ltd, Shanghai

Shanghai Agriculture Information Center, Shanghai

2015, December 18, SWITCH-EGI networking, Amsterdam

2015, December 1-3, SWITCH, Porto, Portugal


2015, November 16-20, ENVRIPLUS Week, Prague


2015, October 27, University of Amsterdam, NL

2015, October 20-22, ICT, Lisbon, Portugal 


2015, October 15-16, EU H2020 VRE4EIC Kickoff, Rome, Italy


2015, October 6-8, CloudForward 2015, Pisa, Italy


2015, September 21-22, MICAS15 (at SYNASC15), IaaS cluster meeting, Timisoara, Romania


2015, September 13: International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), Amsterdam, the Netherlands


2015, September 3: IT4RIs in IEEE eScience 2015, Munich, Germany

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  


2015, July-22: HPCS 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

High Performance Computing and Simulation,, The Hilton Amsterdam Hotel.



2015, June-15/17: Technical meeting, H2020 SWITCH, Seville, Spain


2015, June-1: 2nd Sino-Dutch smart city forum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


2015, May-11/13: ENVRIPLUS kickoff, Helsinki, Finland



2015, February 10/12: SWITCH kickoff, Amsterdam, the Netherlands




2014, November 18: H2020 SWITCH consortium gather, ICT 2014, Florence Italy


2014, October 7/8: FP7 ENVRI: final project meeting, Amsterdam Artis, the Netherlands,